Did you know that one of the most secure documents in the world is right under your nose in almost every store you visit?


If somebody could find a way to reveal the numbers under the scratch material, they would be rich! Did you know that hundreds of patents and sophisticated materials guard your state lottery funds, assuring the good causes to which they contribute get those funds instead of cybercriminals?


Redo Voting has patented a new secure document technology and the method needed to apply this technology to elections. Its power is in its simplicity. No machines. No hacking.


Your elections officials create millions of digital ballot records in several separate files before the election. They use a software tool provided by Redo Voting and the source code for this tool is publicly available for ANYONE to review. Our software security is based on peer review. If software is kept secret, it’s not secure. We don’t want you to trust us or anybody to create perfect software. We want you to trust the world’s experts to assure you that what we are doing is as secure as it is transparent.

Next, our ballots are printed on the very same secure printers used to create lottery tickets. The same ones used by state lotteries. Fun fact: these secure machines cost $50 MILLION!

The printer then prints a series of unique codes from the file under special scratch materials. These unique codes are revealed by YOU when you pick up a ballot and scratch it. YOU are the first person to ever see them.

The other files are encrypted by election officials and kept secure until after the election. The files are secured using the same cryptography used by the government to secure its most classified secrets. Ever heard of “crypto?” It’s just a short version of the word “cryptography.” We have built our infrastructure on secure, open cryptographic standards.

You, the voter, pick up a secure ballot at your civic buildings OR at any participating retailer. When you pick up the secure ballot, the clerk scratches and scans one of the hidden codes and conducts the same digital ID check required to purchase cigarettes or alcohol. This allows us to track that Secure Ballot from the printer to the warehouses, to the store, to YOU, and to only you. You will be personally connected to your ballot and the chain of custody remains tied to you forever more, but no one can ever associate your personal identity with your ballot. You can verify that your vote counted and was correctly submitted at anytime in the future.

You then scratch and scan the second QR code, which allows you to enter your personal information in a browser on your pc or phone. The data you enter is NOT saved by Redo Voting or by the state. It is encrypted by your browser using a special one-way encryption method called a hash. The hash of your data is sent to the state election system, but no election official can ever access your personal data.

When the election starts, you then scratch and scan the third QR code, which allows you to enter your ballot answers in a browser on your pc or phone. The ballot answers you enter are NOT saved by Redo Voting or the state. Your ballot is encrypted by your browser using the same special one-way encryption used to protect your voter registration information. The hash of your ballot answers is sent to the state’s digital repository in a provisional status. No election official can access your ballot until after the election ends and is tallied, and your ballot cannot ever be traced back to you.

When you are ready to cast your secure ballot, you bring it to your normal polling place and the polling worker will scratch and scan the final code, which allows them to verify that your ballot is associated with a legitimate registration. You ballot is then released from provisional status in the state’s digital repository. Your cast ballot has now been associated with a specific poll worker, and they are individually accountable for the ballots they verify.

Now let us get technical for a moment. YOUR secure ballot can only be activated ONCE. YOU are associated with that secure ballot, but no one can ever know who YOU are from the information on the secure ballot. Crazy right? The answers you gave when you cast YOUR ballot can also never be viewed by anyone until the election is over, and even then, they can never be traced back to YOU. Also, once you have cast your ballot, your registration cannot be used again until confirmed for the next election.

When the polls close, your election officials will decrypt the files created when the election started. Here’s the fun part: they can make the secrets PUBLIC now. In fact, every activation and every ballot cast can be made public DURING the election. THAT’S transparency and accountability.

Anyone can tally the election. The state, your local and national news channels, even YOU could do it.


Watch our whiteboard video for how it all works:

Here is a STEP-BY-STEP explanation of the REDO VOTING Method.